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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) Technology

                                                                  ●焚烧温度   ≥800℃                    ●燃烧室、蓄热室避免温升  ≤15℃
                                                                  ●高温烟气停留时间   ≥1.2s         ●系统压降    ≤5000Pa
                                                                  ●燃烧效率 ≥99.9%                      ●运行周期    24小时连续运行
                                                                  ●VOCs综合去除效率  ≥99%        ●处理负荷    40-110%
                                                                  ●蓄热体热交换率   ≥95%             ●区域内噪声要求   ≤85dB
       RTO is a high-efficiency device used for the treatment of organic exhaust gas. Comparing with traditional CO and TO, it has higher thermal efficiency (≥95%) and lower operating cost and handles lower VOC concentrations but higher waste stream flow rates. Where the concentration is higher, RTO can also perform the waste heat recovery to greatly reduce the production and operation cost. The decomposition efficiency of exhaust gas is up to 99.5% while the comprehensive removal efficiency of VOCs is up to 98.5%.
       RTO mainly consists of combustion chamber, heat exchange media and switching valves. It heats the organic exhaust gas to 760℃+to oxygenize the VOCs in the gas into corresponding oxide and water. Then, the high-temperature gas generated flows through and heats up the special ceramic regenerator for thermal storage, which is used to preheat the organic exhaust gas followed. Hence, the fuel consumption of heating up the exhaust gas is saved. Once the regenerative chamber releases heat, the moderate clean air is imported immediately to clear up the chamber. The ceramic regenerator consists of two or more rooms or areas and each room successively experiences the heat storage, heat release and clear up in cycles for the continuous operation.
RTO Performance Index and Exhaust Gas Treatment Effect
                             ● Incineration temperature ≥800℃                              ● Combustion chamber and regenerative chamber not heated up ≤15℃
                             ● High-temperature flue gas residence time ≥1.2s      ●Pressure drop of system    ≤5000Pa
                             ● Combustion efficiency ≥99.9%                                  ●Operation cycle         Continuous operation of 24 hours
                             ● Comprehensive removal efficiency of VOCs ≥99%   ● Processing load        40-110%
                             ● Heat exchange rate of regenerator ≥95%                 ●Area noise requirement  ≤85dB


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